YETI Cooler Aluminum Drain Plug - Orange

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0.25 LBS
$3.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Key Feature:
Vacuum Release
Anodized Aluminum
Yeti Cooler aluminum drain plug Grizzly valve Six Shooter Orange

The Gizzly Valve aluminum drain plug in Orange. Fits YETI, RTIC, Engel, ORCA, and ICEHOLE coolers.

The Grizzly Valve is an all-aluminum, drain plug and relief valve for YETI, RTIC, Engel, ORCA, and ICEHOLE coolers.

These drain plugs and relief valves are CNC machined out of aluminum and assembled with an o-ring seal and rubber gasket. The spring is stainless steel so it will hold up to the rugged outdoors and salt-water.

During warmer summer months, YETI and other premium coolers' vacuum seal so tightly that they have to be pried open with a large amount of force. Opening the factory drain plug releases the vacuum, but results in losing valuable ice water. The Grizzly Valve's vacuum release valve solves this problem, allowing air into the cooler to release the vacuum while containing the valuable ice water.

No YETI cooler should be without a Grizzly Valve.

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